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Why video ads?

A lot of different information, as interesting so useless, overload us every day. Messages from our social accounts and annoying notifications from “the TAXI”, you know... All of these steal bags of our life energy.

Just imagine, after exhausting working day, your tired client is relaxing at home and surfing the Internet. Obviously, he or she likes looking through attractive colorful posts and reading articles. But what makes him take a foot from gas for a while and get a better look at screen? A video, you’re right! The video is like a magnet for our eyes and attention, ‘cause human’s brain perceives and processes visual information better.

According to Forbes, 51% of consumers reported that watching the video on the online store gave them more confidence while they had been making purchase. Video advertising answers all the questions and demonstrate the full potential of your product. And according to AdelieStudios, video advertising is recognized as the best-selling content in 2017.

We will fully immerse in the depth of your work, deal with every fine-grained detail and enjoy the result together with you and your satisfied customers.

About me.

Artem Garts личная фотография

Artem Garts - Director, Cinematographer and Photographer. I create commercial videos for your businesses.

My aim is to create advertising for you that will be able to stop a clock and force to go to the site and leave a request.

I developed a simple and effective scheme that helps to optimize time and your deadlines, making it more convenient for transferring the necessary information about your company and project to work on.

Healthy lifestyle addicted and DO NOT work with tobacco and alcohol manufacturers.

I constantly learn and experiment with ideas and technologies to make your advertising more attractive and effective for selling.

If you have any additional questions, please, order the call and I will contact you.


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